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Self Portrait

What do you think, when you look in a mirror? Do you see your flaws, or your beauty? Can you lose yourself in your own eyes, or only compare yourself to others? I see Hazel eyes, a million freckles, The lines, the scars that tell my story. History writ across my face. But I seeContinue reading “Self Portrait”


The bluebells are gone, The woods are green once more. And the buttercups have given way to the daisies. Spring has faded into summer, The sunshine lazing overhead, Birds wheeling, Cows seeking shade in the trees. Nature moves on, Even when the people have put their lives On pause.


Sometimes, I want to be me. Not mum, or mummy, Me. The me I was before, Who got ten hours of sleep and still thought she was tired, Who watched movies all day with no-one asking her for anything. Who didn’t worry about stretch marks Or bedtimes Or epidemics. Sometimes, I want her back. ButContinue reading “Sometimes”

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