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The Tower (part 2)

A more fanciful man would have become scared before long in the woods. The air was different, filled with a charged atmosphere and strange, loud noises, unidentifiable bird calls and other animal sounds. He even thought that he may have heard a wolf howling once, but he dismissed it as soon as it entered hisContinue reading “The Tower (part 2)”

The Tower (part one)

In the deepest darkest part of the dark, dark woods, where no sun seems to shine, there was a glade. Despite the gloom, the glade was, strangely full of light, a place of breath-taking beauty. Trees stood tall as they had been since time began. At night, it seemed as if the trees touched theContinue reading “The Tower (part one)”


I sit at the end of the day, Rest my weary bones, Soothe my aching muscles, And breathe. It’s these moments I crave, I savour, To pause just once in a while, And breathe. I reflect on the chaos of my day, The list that never ends, And I remember, finally, To breathe.

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